Historic Vacation Rental Home
Silverton, Oregon

Since 1890, this grand house has been many things to many people.

Water Street Inn History

Originally built as a hotel, The Water Street Inn has served as a private home, restaurant, boarding house, private home again, bed and breakfast, and now private home once again. The home has been lovingly restored to its previous grandeur. This home can ONLY be rented as an entire house. Individual room rentals are not available.


Locals tell stories and share memories of festive dinner parties when it was Skiller’s Inn (a restaurant), parties when it was a boarding house, and family celebrations and events forty or fifty years ago.

All five vacation home bedrooms which comprise the rental include ensuite bath because the owners took the home from two bathrooms to seven when the former Water Street Inn (bed and breakfast) was established in 2001.  A 2018 makeover included fresh interior and exterior paint, replacing the beautiful covered front porch, and a gorgeous new kitchen.

The owners treasure both the house and historic charm of Silverton. The home’s location makes it perfect for enjoying town.

The home is too big for 2 people, and too pretty to keep to ourselves. Offering the home as a vacation rental seemed the perfect opportunity for both the house and town to be appreciated and enjoyed by others. And the perfect justification for the expense of making and keeping the house beautiful!

We hope you will enjoy and appreciate it as much as we do.

When you rent the house, it’s all yours.

Private living space kept by the owners is completely separate space from the rental. Time is split between a few locations, plus we have a classic case of Wanderlust and travel whenever we can.

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